Monday, August 15, 2011

Food Trucks Brought to you by MetroRail

Hey, Houston already has a "mass transit backbone" that requires 99.9% of residents to drive into town in order to ride it. (makes sense right?) So who's to say that we can't destroy the idea of food trucks by creating a central location where 99.995% of Houstonians would have to drive to them?

Possible Spot Where Food Trucks can Flock, Nancy Sarnoff,
A local entrepreneur wants to turn the parking lot she leases near downtown into a gathering spot for the city's growing fleet of food trucks.
Lauren Barrash, owner of an Inner Loop shuttle service, is circulating a survey to residents around her Washington Avenue- area property to gauge interest in the proposed project.
She already leases space to one food truck and has started approaching others about the idea.
Of course, the whole appeal to food trucks is that they are mobile, and that (in an ideal world, outside of the mind-suck that is inner-loop Houston)they can drive close to where people work and serve up some tasty food.

Not in Houston however. In Houston the idea of food-truck Nirvana is a place where people would have to drive, pay the owner of the lot a fee to park, eat, and then drive BACK to their offices (or homes, after a night of drinking on Washington Ave.)

If MetroRail doesn't sponsor this Metro is overpaying for their bloated PR department.

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