Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seattle: Quick Thoughts

Just got back in (Haaawt) Houston after a week spent in Seattle. As with my Toronto trip, here are some quick thoughts.

1. Yes, cost of living is HIGH there.

2. No, they aren't getting their money's worth for the high taxes they pay.

3. Seattle's monorail = Houston's light rail, only it has cooler destinations at each end of the line. To be honest, Seattle is a city full of boondoggles that probably sounded good at the time.

4. Whatever you do, don't drive during rush hour. - Seattle may be beautiful but its roads are crap. For all the money that City is taking in you'd think they could afford some decent pavement.

5. Hub and spoke bus/train/monorail routes may be easier to administer, but they don't make getting around all that easy.

6. Crosswalks....optional. Watch out if you're driving.

7. Seattle residents STILL don't like George W. Bush, although they do seem to be enamoured with Bar-B-Q.

8. Two words: Deodorant pal.

9. There are a lot of edible fish on display at the Seattle Aquarium, some of which are advertised to live in Puget Sound. Despite this most restaurants serve only fried cod.

10. Pike's Place Market is neat, but the whole throwing the fish thing is overrated.

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