Tuesday, August 2, 2011

There's a problem with hating the voters....

One that the Prog's are discovering is oh so real. The problem is, you can't continually insult the intelligence of the Country and have them identify with you.

Per that recent Gallup survey 41% of Americans now self-identify as "conservative" with the "liberal" numbers down around 21% and with "moderates" hanging around 36%. Here's the rub....

"Millionaire" and "Billionaire" have been publicly re-defined as anyone making more than $200K per year (the family income floor for Obama's proposed "tax increases on the wealthiest Americans".) That doesn't make those making more than $100K feel very comfortable because they now understand that they're next. And "next", in terms of having your wealth given to those who haven't worked for it, sucks.

Is it any wonder then that the Prog's are angry with their candidate while the Republicans seem to be on the verge of coalescing around theirs?

My friend Kevin used to quip that the Americans typically let Prog's get in charge for a little while and then quickly remember why this is a bad idea. It seems that could be the case here although I would argue the Republicans need to finish before there's any talk of a "Tea Party Spring" in America. (This is even before the debate of what it should look like and who should lead it or, if it should even happen in the first place.)

Until then, here's a love note from Jonah Goldberg to the MSM. Enjoy.

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  1. We have a local liberal blogger who insists on calling local voters stupid as a way of encouraging them to vote for Democrats. What he doesn't realize is that if they were stupid they would already be voting for Democrats.


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