Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Water, water...

Who's got the water?

Houston expects mandatory water restrictions next week, Matt Schwartz,

Mayor Annise Parker this morning said that the city is moving toward enacting mandatory water restrictions and a simultaneous draw-down of water from Lake Conroe, as soon as next week, in response to the ongoing drought.
In June, the city implemented what it calls Stage 1 water conservation. Those include voluntary restrictions on water usage, including a request that residents limit the watering of lawns to twice a week and to do that watering at night or in the early-morning hours.
Under Stage 2, those restrictions would become mandatory. Other restrictions, such as a prohibition on washing cars, would be added, Parker said. Residents also would be required to repair water leaks on their properties within 72 hours.

Out of Time, Out of Water, Ubu Roi, HouBlog

Having enough safe water to drink. And on this one, I feel our administration has been tanking. (Har, har). Ok, so the Mayor declared that, by golly, we’re going to Stage 2 water rationing, andobythewayweregoingtodrawdownLakeConroenobigdeal.

It’s a big deal all right. While we are in a drought of epic proportions (about 85% of the state is in “Extreme Drought” conditions, the most severe), the administration has done next to nothing about it, aside from bring some contractors on board to try and keep up with the leaks. Frankly, I’m surprised we haven’t had a major sinkhole somewhere yet, thanks to a washout from a broken water line. I do know where there’s some suspicious dips in the road…

Apparently not Houston.

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