Monday, October 3, 2011

True bi-partisanship

When Democrats and Republicans truly work together, the results are often disastrous for the American people
(Turning Your Cell Phone Into A 'Sell Phone'? Ned Hibbard, FoxNews Houston)
A bill just filed in Congress would make your mobile phone “fair game” for the kinds of calls you might not want to take. For the past two decades, your cell phone has been off limits to automated dialing programs. But that protection – like the Nokia ringtone – could be about to vanish. “Pretty much, it's probably the worst bill I've ever seen,” says telemarketing opponent Joe Shields. He’s talking about House Resolution 3035, known as the “Mobile Informational Call Act of 2011.”

Got that? Those annoying automated phone calls you get at home can soon eat up paid minutes on your cell phone. You'll be PAYING for the privilege of being annoyed.

Who's responsible for this mess of a deal?
The bill is bipartisan in that it’s sponsored by a Republican and a Democrat. But FOX 26 News looked at the top nine political contributions of the congressman who introduced the measure. And it may be worth noting that four out of the nine came from telecom or banking groups.

The one thing good about America is this: Despite all of the anti-Democracy rants by the Progs of late it's still the best system for identifying the sponsors........and voting them the heck out of office. Which is why the Prog's anti-democracy rhetoric is so dangerous.

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