Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm blind in Vegas.....

Yup, that's a Kreuz sign. In Lynard Skynard's inside Excalibur.
Straight from Austin to Vegas...the Mexican Martini as created by Rodrigo of Rock & Rita's at Circus Circus.

My last trip to Vegas had a Hill Country flavor. Granted, it was a light flavor (especially in the BBQ, which was edible, but not Texas BBQ) but it was a flavor.

It appears the good folks at Excalibur brought in the pit-master from Kreuz to consult on their BBQ. I'm not saying that it wasn't good (it was good, not great) but it wasn't Texas BBQ. All that being said, it's not fair to compare brisket smoked in an electric smoker (which this certainly was) to the brisket cooked in the gigantic wood pits at Kreuz. Still, ordering from the meat counter, and getting your meat wrapped in butcher paper were neat touches, as were the miniature replicas of the Kreuz pits that sat behind, even if they were just heating bins.

As for the Mexican Martini, if you spent any time on 6th street during the 90's you remember something about those. It's been a while, but it tasted just about right to me.

Good times.

Note: My apologies to Blackie Lawless and the boys over at W.A.S.P. for taking liberties with their song title.

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