Friday, March 9, 2012

$5,833 per job

That's the rate of investment, by the State of Texas, for each of the 3600 jobs that will be created by Apple.

Apple to create 3,600 jobs in Austin, Statesman Business Blog, Austin American-Statesman
Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced Friday that Apple will expand its operations in Austin with a $304 million investment in a new campus that will create 3,600 new jobs.


In exchange for Apple’s commitment, the State of Texas has offered Apple $21 million over 10 years through the Texas Enterprise Fund.
Granted, it's a better deal than the deal Houston made with NBC recently, it's still a bad deal for Taxpayers. Job incentive subsidies need to go. The key is to create a business friendly structure all around, and then let the market grow organically.

I'm never going to be a fan of tax breaks or pay-offs to lure companies. It's an inefficient mechanism that attempts to hide market flaws. I don't care if it's a Republican, or Democratic, plan.

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