Thursday, March 8, 2012

More History that isn't.

First an ugly Main Street post office, now an ugly, dilapidated (possibly dangerous?) old school house.

Rufus Cage Elementary in East End designated a protected historic landmark, KTRK ABC13
The historic Rufus Cage Elementary School in Houston's East End has been declared a landmark worthy of protection by the City Council.

The former school, located in the 1400 block of Telephone Road, is one of the oldest school buildings still standing in Houston. Originally built in 1910, the two story building housed four classrooms and served students on the city's east side until 1983.
ABC really had to strain to get a picture that makes the school look in any way presentable. I've driven by it and can tell you, it's a dump. One that looks as if it's about to fall in upon itself.

The real test of historic preservation is knowing what should, and can, be saved and whether or not saving something serves a real purpose. One of the criteria is whether the attachment to the item is simply nostalgic, or if something truly historical happened there. In too many cases the City of Houston knee-jerks itself into protecting the former.

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