Monday, March 12, 2012

On Blogging Rules

I stand w/the majority opinion....

Blogging rules a great idea but..., Jim Romenesko,

It's a nice idea, but the blogging community is, for the most part, a volunteer group with little or no income. Those who understand the concepts of correct attribution and why it's important are going to provide....correct attribution. Those who don't won't, and they really won't care.

There are big blogs in the Houston area that attribute poorly. They've been attributing poorly for quite a while, and some group offering up a "code of ethics" isn't going to make them change one iota.

Sadly, it comes down to the blog-reading public to make a stand. If you don't like people not giving correct attribution on their blogs, e-mail them and ask them to start doing so or just quit reading. Otherwise the answer is to just ignore it and move along.

As for this blog: I will always strive to fully attribute and keep blockquoted portions of posts well within the accepted standards of free use. That's about all any of us can do.

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