Friday, April 27, 2012

You think they'd eventually be too embarrassed..... keep shovelling out dreck like this...
Sullivan for Tax Assessor-Collector, The Apple Dumpling Gang,
The incumbent, Don Sumners, served for 10 years in that politicized environment. As head of the tax office since 2008, he has been in the crossfire of ongoing disputes over his department's voter registration procedures.
That's a pretty big factual error on the part of the gang. Sumners was elected to the office in 2010. In 2008 Vasquez was appointed to replace Paul Bettancourt, who quit.

As with most generated by this shop, the conclusions are wrong-headed and the support is factually inaccurate. I've no beef with Mike Sullivan, nor do I have any beef with Don Sumners. You could cast a vote for either and do OK in my book.

Just don't make your voting decisions based on inaccurate ramblings spewed out by the worst editorial board in America.

Shutter the Ed board Chron. It's the decent thing to do for the region.

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  1. Oh so many problems with the Ed Board's latest!

    Here's another pretty big one: No mention of the educational backgrounds or credentials of the two candidates.

    Don Sumners is a CPA. That's an impressive accomplishment, and one that is more than a little relevant to the office.

    Michael Sullivan... is trying to finish his undergraduate degree.

    Now, I'm not suggesting to anyone that these credentials/achievements should be the ONLY criteria in evaluating these two candidates. But I would suggest they are very important -- so important that to neglect to mention them, even in an editorial endorsement, is yet another example of journalistic malpractice.

    Yes, shutter the ed board.


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