Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Read into this what you will

According to the travel blog View from the Wing, the first United Boeing 787 flight (that was scheduled to be Houston to Aukland NZ) is apparently now going to be Denver to Tokyo.

Certainly it's political posturing by UA, but potentially losing the inaugural flight of the Dreamliner to Denver does lend some credence to the theory posited earlier by Stephen Seagraves that Denver could be the big winner if IAH is no longer being built up as a large, International gateway by the City of Houston.

Would the opening of HOU damage the prospects of an IAH-AKL routing?  No.  Not in the least.  But the shifting of the service is certainly a sign that UA is serious about their threat of pulling routes and jobs should the HOU International expansion be approved. (As it most certainly will be)

All along this soon-to-be-announced deal has been touted as a potential boon for consumers, given this new turn of events.....

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