Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Short Haul Flights (05/02/12)

Today's flights brought to you by the good folks at FantasyLand.

Cities, Counties, drain on Funds. David Crossley, Houston Tomorrow - No, the reason Metro is running out of money is because they're dumping Billions into a poorly planned, at-grade, light rail system that won't serve 10% of the regions mass transit needs. He even says later in the article that people want more transit in the outlying areas and better bus shelters. Imagine the bus system we could have if Metro hadn't chased the down the rabbit hole of Crossley (and others) light-rail pipe-dream?

Rankin sues housing agency over unpaid severance. Mike Morris, - Of course, a large part of the reason there's no money to pay his severance is due to his mis-management of the organization if the reports are accurate.

Talk show host Michael Berry won't be charged in Montrose hit-and-run. James Pinkerton, - The key bit in this story is that the paint samples taken from the claimant's car did NOT match Berry's car.

Perry says God forgives people for "oops" moments. Will Weissert. AP via - voters probably don't but God would have nothing to forgive.

Shumate speaks out about Polland controversy. Patti Hart, - Meh, debates should not be moderated by party activists. Are journos any better? Probably not.

May Day protests show weak immigration movement. Kate Brumback & Peter Premgaman, AP via Yahoo! - Partly because they're so few illegal immigrants still here apparently.

Appeals court judge removes obstacle to defunding Planned Parenthood. Christy Hoppe, - You saw that coming.

Cruz drops half-million on broadcast TV ads, rebuts Dewhurst's China hit. Robert T. Garrett, - He'd better, because I have a feeling that China spot is going to cut deep.

And finally, before we close the cabin door and you have to turn off all electronic devices......

Embry quits Statesman to become Straus press secretary. Emily Ramshaw, The Texas Tribune. ICBM eruptions notwithstanding, this is a good get by Speaker Straus. Embry was a solid reporter over at that AAS. Straus is going to need a strong bench this year methinks.

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