Thursday, May 24, 2012

Short Haul Flights (05/24/12)

Taking a broader view today....

The DMN stumps for Dewhurst, but the poll numbers aren't backing up their theory.

Burka the Clown gets the story wrong, then posts telling you that his insiders have assured him he had it wrong, which means (in his world) that he was right all along. - This is the "best political reporter in Texas"?

Headline of the day (Part 1) - Only in Texas.

Headline of the day (Part 2) - And the Dallas/Houston spat continues.

How can this be so? - After all, we're constantly reminded that Education priorities of Texas Republicans are RUINING the State. Yet more students are taking math and science?

Texas Republicans "miffed" that Romney is ignoring them. - How many of them supported him again?

Redistricting and the 2012 election. - Good read.

I'm still no fan of Internet polling. (And have doubts about the accuracy of the Trib's newsish polling above all)- But you have to agree that the phrase "Republicans have the most faith in the judicial branch" sounds odd.

Today's reminder that not everyone in the public eye with a bullhorn is worthy of listening to. - They have a right to say it, we have a right to ignore it.

What if the Republicans gain power and blow it (again)? - Does the party get another chance if Romney becomes Bush spending spree II?

Facing death, the species transportus ridiculous goes into self preservation mode. - On a local level see: David Crossley.

The definition of insanity. - Because all of the past fuel mileage boosts have done the economy so much good right?  (hint: wrong)

The White House tech people want you to interact with government like you do Facebook. - One presumes without all personal privacy information gathering?

Wait.....Dan Rather? - Who, amazingly, doesn't like the current campaign because the Republicans have been speaking too much.

The demise of the "Tea Party" congressional Freshman has been much exaggerated. - The media wanted them to suffer, they're not.

Civility. - Oh, and Obama ate a dog.....

And finally....

It will go to the voters to determine the fate of the Astrodome. - I will say "tear it down" but I've got a feeling Harris County is going to get itself obligated to spend money it doesn't have because County leaders won't make a leadership decision.

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