Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Short Haul flights

A small compilation of some items around that I found to be of note: (Your mileage may vary)

Rachel Barrios-Van Os, The TT Interview. Ross Ramsey, Texas Tribune - If the Texas Democratic Party is willing to put the wife of one of the worst state-wide candidates in recent history in charge of their shop Texas Republicans should dance a jig.

Burning Man looking for some love from D.C. Michelle Quinn, Politico
Leaders of the anarchic festival in the Nevada desert — a tech-free gathering that Silicon Valley has increasingly embraced — were to meet with regulators and lawmakers Monday and Tuesday as they press their case that Burning Man needs some government love.
What's wrong with America in paragraph form. Even our Anarchists are dependent on Big Government.

Texas gets stay in Planned Parenthood case. Peggy Fikac, Chron.com - I missed the part where the entirety of the women's rights movement got reduced to abortion and birth control access.

Drillers may frac first, disclose later under Federal Plan. Bloomberg via Chron.com - Funny that FuelFix got scooped by Bloomberg considering all of this is happening in Houston. Maybe if they spent less time with entertainment guides?

Of note:

Viewpoint A: Two respected political analysts say GOP is more responsible for gridlock. Michelle Arrouas, Chron.com

Viewpoint B: Norman Ornsteign to the press corps: Stop covering the GOP fairly to stop their success. Erick Erickson, RedState

It's a real problem in today's politicalspeak that liberal studies and orthodoxy are used to describe what is "mainstream". I would argue that the majorities of elected positions that Republicans hold at almost every level of government suggests that Democrats are more "outside the mainstream" than are Republicans, at the current time. You can reverse this argument if you confine your observations to areas inside the DC Beltway or to the media as a whole. (and no, I'm not referencing media "bias")

Delta Airlines is getting into the fuel business. Joshua Freed, USA Today - If successful, expect many copycats. I see this as a HUGE IF however.

Used Airbus for sale: One careful owner, contact Boeing. Tim Hepher, Reuters - I had no idea new plane dealerships also had used plane lots attached to them.

13 Undercover has a bone to pick with County Attorney. Wayne Dolcefino, KTRK.com - Chest-beating politicians who tout their "watchdog" qualities rarely turn out to be as advertised. More often than not these are re-election ploys.

And...before we close the cabin door.....

Some see border security bill as threat to ecology, preservation. Tony Freemantle, Chron.com - To be fair, some see breathing as a threat to ecology, preservation so there's that.

Please get ready for take-off by turning off all electronic devices. We hope you enjoy your day.

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