Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vote: Today, in Texas (one time only)

Just in case you're reading this and you haven't voted yet, here's your friendly reminder to go and do so*.

And not just because it's the day after Memorial Day and you've been deluged with "they died so you can vote" stories by bloggers and media.  Go vote because it's the right thing to do. Just because the Presidential primary has been decided doesn't mean that there aren't important issues to be voted on.

1. U.S. Senator  - The primary between David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz has been a fascinating case-study on why mud-slinging in politics still exists.  Because, on some level, it works.  You could also cast a vote for Tom Leppert (if you feel like, as does the Apple Dumpling Gang, that Republicans should be more like Democrats) or Craig James (if you feel like being a bad football announcer with severe control issues over your son's dodgy football career is good experience) if you so choose.  While it's not in this blog's nature to make predictions (although I have, in the past, endorsed Cruz and hold solid to that endorsement today) I will say that a run-off in this race is the most likely outcome.

2. U.S. House - There are too many to mention.  But redistricting has opened up some new house seats and should lead to some interesting results come returns time.  Unfortunately, for me, I'm in Ted Poe's district, so my primary is pretty blah.  (It's not unfortunate for me that Poe is my rep however. I'm fine being represented by him.)

3. Texas Rail Road Commission. - Possibly the most important state-wide race on the ballot.  Warren Chisum vs. Christi Craddick vs. a handful of 1% vote-getters.  If nothing else, this race has given us The Sledge Hammer who has created the most humorous ads this election cycle.

4. Texas State House. - Again, there are way too many races to mention.  My own personal choice is between long-time incumbent Dwayne Bohac and Democrat running as Republican Whet Smith.  Smith has used Democratic talking-points in his campaign messaging and is supported by the liberal group Texas Parent PAC. This group is a "throw more money at the problem" proponent of 'fixing' Texas schools. I agree that Texas schools need fixing, but dusting off Mrs. White's old catapult and hurling more money at them is not the answer that needs to be explored.

5. Harris County DA - I'm not going to link to either Republican candidate's website, because I'm not sure either candidate is worthy of a vote.  My friend Kevin, on his Diigo feed, suggested that the best option in this race might be the Democrat. I am in concurrence with that theory.  Therefore, the two Democratic candidates are Zack Fertitta and Lloyd Wayne Oliver (Note: Oliver does not have a campaign website that I can find)

And that's just a partial list.  There are tons of races out there where the primary is probably going to determine the outcome of the entire race.  In many cases (especially the Statewides) the Opposition party will offer up either weak candidates, or no candidate.

The short story here is that your vote matters.

Oh, while I'm not one to throw out many endorsements, those of you who can vote for 151st District Court would do yourselves a service voting for Leif Olson.

Vote early, but not often. (that would be illegal)

*The preceding post fulfills a requirement stated in the bloggers code Sec 23 sub 15 p17-2 stating that all elections must be discussed and treated as if they are of upmost importance.  There you go.

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