Thursday, June 7, 2012

Short Haul Flights (06/07/12)

No carry-on fees for this blog......

I get asked from time to time why, considering my liberal social views, do I identify Republican.  The answer lies in economic policy, the answer can be found here.  "Perry, Dewhurst, and Straus can claim credit for whatever they want, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t have anything to do with putting oil and gas in the ground"  Kuffer is correct, they didn't put the oil and gas in the ground, but their economic ideology makes it profitable for companies to extract it and turn it into a marketable commodity.  The Democrats would like to put a stop to that.

Speaking of Democrats, If all of the cabinet members are out politicking, who's minding the store?  President Zero (coined by a wordsmith more canny than I) just keeps on keeping on.

For weeks, leading up to the recall election, we were told that it was very important, by each side, that the 'right side wins'.  Now that one side has lost, despite throwing everything including the kitchen sink at the election, we're suddenly told that it didn't really matter in the first place.  And so it goes.

Speaking of Wisconsin, Scott Walker is taking a (deserved) victory lap, the exit polls (from which Democrats are trying to claim some odd victory, were horribly mis-sampled, and the real big story might be out in California.  I'd link to the Piers Morgan v. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz disaster but you've probably already seen that.  Just a bad week for Dems.

Changing gears, I always worry when politicians, Democrat or Republican, try to tell the media how to do their job.

You knew this was coming right?  Spending offsets are only good for TV sound-bytes.  In reality they very seldom materialize.

The Democratic version of Jack Abramoff  Of course, the MSM is not breaking out in hives over this one.

A tale of two State parties:

The Republicans are starting up their convention with run-off juice and high hopes.  As well they should, in part because....

The Democrats are kicking off their convention with a "meh".  Can't blame them, even when they have a decent candidate (Fertita, Sadler) they can't avoid a run-off against the political equivalent of paper-mache.

In a word: Weird

And finally.......

Houston's Top 100 restaurants  As listed by Houston's only professional restaurant critic: Alison Cook.  A must read if you dine out in Houston.

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