Friday, June 8, 2012

Short Haul Flights (06/08/12)

We'll notify you about schedule changes.......

Hey Ron, and endorsement would be nice. - The lack of such would prove once and for all the guy is not a Republican.

How did he possibly think he was going to get away with this? - Especially in today's quick information environment?

I agree, the Port needs new leadership. - I admit, however, to a healthy level of unease that the Parker administration is involved.

Burka the clown just keeps getting it wrong. - Perry's been on the wrong side before (TTC) and he survived OK.  He'll survive this Dewhurst thing as well.  To Burka, it's become a fact that what he wants to happen is what political reality should be.  That's staying too long.

You have to hand it to Texas Dems. - They're going to ride that "demographic inevitability" thing until it drops.  And drop it will, as the Lib/Dems slowly come to the realization that Hispanics don't vote as a bloc (like other groups Dems rely on)

The victory of Michael Quinn Sullivan. - That Straus is target #1 speaks volumes about his influence in the Texas Republican Party.  That the media hates him is just one check mark in his pro column.

I give you the shortest speech ever. - Boyd Richie's "accomplishment" speech.

Why State Conventions? Because they fire up the base.  No other reason is needed.

This could be the truest thing Jennifer Rubin has ever written. - Obama has been a disaster, but great for Republicans.  This adds to my theory that, in America, the parties don't ascend to power because they've done something right, it's because the other party has messed things up so badly the people are tired of them.

True to form, the progressives vow to fight on. - A key marker of the progressive movement is that they are always fighting, or planning to fight, against their fellow countrymen.

Maybe Krauthammer is right and the Wisconsin recall results mean a gradual decline of public sector unions but I doubt it. In politics, bad ideas never really go away.  They're just repackaged and worsened over time.

Funny how things change. - From inevitable to fish out of water almost overnight.  It's still a long way to November.

Why, if it didn't matter in 2008, does race suddenly matter in 2012?  Searching for excuses.  Keep your white guilt to yourself Lupica.

and finally.....

Obama shows again how out of depth he really is. - There IS no 'quick fix' for Europe. Nor is there a quick fix for America.  A candidate might say there is, a leader understands there's not.  Zero is the former.

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