Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What United doesn't seem to "get"...

....is the entire concept of customer service.

Does United "get it" with social media? Seth, the Wandering Aramean
 If I had to guess I’d say that Bergsrud not only "doesn’t always get it," but that he also doesn’t really seem to care all that much. Maybe that’s ok, but it certainly doesn’t say much for vision or foresight. And that’s probably not the image I’d want to be presenting at an industry conference.
There's a larger point to be made that United doesn't really care all that much.  They seem to be happy consolidating routes into their hubs while eliminating customer-friendly policies and gutting their Premier status levels in favor of credit cards.  While this might bode well for short-term income, you have to think that, eventually, this will come back to bite them.

Then again, maybe not.  There's been a lot of babble about people leaving UA for greener pastures but very little evidence it's actually happening. Some of this is structure related (it's very hard to be an AA frequent flier if you live in Houston for example) and some of it is people not wanting to lose status.

What's increasingly clear is that, while Gordon Bethune placed customer service fairly high on the priority pole, the current UA management does not.  Until the bottom line is affected I don't expect this to change.

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