Monday, July 9, 2012

In other words: Don't steal the towels

The Wife and I took a quick trip this weekend to Winstar World Casino in Oklahoma.  The Wife had never been there, and it was a casino she wanted to visit, and I needed to get some face time in the poker room. (My game is not in a good place right now)

At around $200/night the casino tower is not a bad deal for a weekend rate, our room was a King Size premium room with a comfortable bed, a flat screen TV, a work desk and a chair.  One negative, for me, was that the room did not have a refrigerator. (Two words: mini-bar)  The bed was comfortable. It's unusual for me to get a restful night's sleep in most hotels. I hit this bed and immediately fell into a deep sleep both nights.

The downside to Oklahoma casinos is that there are no free drinks.  We knew this going in and brought beer and cider to drink in our room so it was OK. (I don't drink when I'm playing poker so it really isn't a big deal)  One tip: If you do want to purchase a drink it's worth your while to buy it at the Aces Lounge within the hotel, not at the bars in the casino.  You can't take the drink onto the gaming floor but the pours are MUCH MORE generous there and the prices are the same.  So take a break from gaming and sit down and enjoy a quiet drink at that bar.

I didn't snap pictures during this trip but I did get one picture of this little sign in our bathroom:
Don't take the towels, got it?
I've seen these before in some hotels and they never fail to generate a chuckle.

On another note: The towels sucked.  They were a little thin and scratchy.  I wouldn't want to take them even were I tempted.

All in all a good quick weekend.  With the new 75 MPH speed limits on some TX Highways it's just about a 5 hour drive. Not a bad weekend get-away if you don't require free alcohol at casinos.  (Note: Almost every license plate in the parking lot was from Texas, and almost everyone I talked to there was from Dallas/Fort Worth.  Oklahoma thanks you Texas for your tax dollars.)

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