Friday, July 20, 2012

Pre-Check coming to IAH

To be unveiled July 24th according to a Houston Business Journal Report:

TSA unveils new fast screening program at IAH. Molly Ryan, Houston Business Journal

The program, called TSA Pre✓™, allows qualified passengers that go through a pre-screening process to go through security gates with an expedited security process. If passengers qualify for the program, they can go through security checkpoints without taking off their shoes and while wearing light outerwear.
          United Airlines frequent fliers are eligible to apply for the program.

Not ALL UA frequent fliers however, if you're eligible you'll receive an e-mail from United stating so.  I've received mine and have already begun to process.

Just another reason to establish some type of status with the airlines if you travel a lot.  Despite marginally reducing their presence at IAH, UA still has a LOT of sway there. 

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