Monday, August 20, 2012

SFO - SBA Good photos at 6,000 feet.

Last month, during our quick weekend away in Santa Barbara, one of the legs of our trip was SFO - SBA via United express.  The entire flight took around 45 minutes and we never got higher than 6,000 feet.  Because of this the wife was able to snap some nice pictures of the California countryside:

Unfortunately, there was a haze

Note the municipal airport.

Very hazy

We also snapped some pictures of Air Alaska planes with their Disney livery:

50 years

I'm not sure why, but that last picture is loading on my blog upside down.  I guess Blogger doesn't like Disney characters?

Anyway, I've got more Santa Barbara pictures that I'm going to be uploading to my Flickr page soon.  If you haven't seen that, the link is here.  A majority of my travel pictures can be found there as well.

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