Thursday, August 16, 2012

Short Haul Flights (08/16/12)

The "B fare class" edition....

City Proposal aims to bring more rooftops downtown. Shaina Zucker, HBJ - You would think, if the market was there, developers would be all over trying to build residences in the high-property value downtown area.  Houston's new urbanist crowd has never let a little thing like logic stand in the way of building Houtopia.

November ballots will be rife with Houston bond issues. Shaina Zucker, HBJ. - That's $2.7 Billion dollars worth of bonds.  Yes, that's Billion with a B.  And contrary to Mayor Parker's 'no tax increase' statement the truth is that the bond issue authorizes one. Your mileage may vary as to whether that's reason enough to vote against the bond, but it is interesting that the Mayor feels the need to conceal the truth in such a manner.

American Airlines loses bid to toss pilot's contract. Sheryl Jean, - It sounds like a loss, but a closer reading of the judges decision reveals it to really be somewhat of a win.  If I'm with the pilot's union I'm seriously trying to get back to the bargaining table before AA submits a new filing (and wins).

Spindletop Dog Refuge for Pit Bulls: What went so horribly wrong? Craig Malisow, Houston Press - Horrible story.  Just a horrible, horrible story.  As someone who does some pit-bull rescue work I just don't know what to say about this right now.  I do encourage everyone to read the story however, if nothing else to see that it's not the breed.  The dogs can be salvaged, it's the people I'm not so sure about.

Axelrod: "Chains" comment not racial. McKenzie Weigner, Politico - Oh boy.  Just Oh boy.  This is the end-game of the ridiculousness that's surrounded the racism debate over the last six or so years.

Armed stripper accused of attempting to rob man. ABCLocal:KTRK - OK this recession has gone on long enough.

Houston Immigrants apply for deferred action program. James Pinkerton, - They'd be silly not to.

Private firm planning bullet train between Houton and Dallas. AP via - They're saying that they won't be spending public money so good luck to them.

And finally:

U.S. Makes History, and a Houston Texan and Dynamo were key. Jose de Jesus Ortiz. - Historic win by the US, friendly or no. It's just a friendly but maybe the U-23's missing the Olympics was the wake-up call that the US team needed?

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