Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Short Haul Flights (09/05/2012)

Moving quickly through a host of unimportant things.....

Remember way back when (OK a week ago) when the unions were claiming a "win" in court? - Those who said they really didn't win were right on the money.  Either the unions have bad leadership or incompetents translating the legalese.

Please, Please, PLEASE!! click my referral links. - This is the problem:
Overall, though, I prefer the Chase Ink Bold small business charge card and Chase Ink Plus business credit card which do offer referral credit to me.
Of course he does, because he gets money for them.  There's no way to tell if this is an honest evaluation of the program.  These types of posts do a disservice to the reader.

On another note: A good Texas BBQ round-up from the same author. - Yes, he makes some huge mistakes (always order from the fatty end at City Market in Luling for example) but he gets it about as right as a foreigner can.

How does Texas' Lockstep political media love the Julian and Juan Castro?  Let me count the ways:

1. Erin Ramshaw of the Texas Tribune gets doe-eyed. - Not that the Trib is really "news". (they're more news-ish) but this was so sugar-laced I almost had to prick my finger after reading it.

2. It's (temporarily) cured Wayne Slater of his Karl Rove obsession. Twice. - Of course, Wayne being Wayne will cause us to fire up the drinking game soon I'm sure.

3. Ever seen a grown man cry? - Look, Burka is bad and has been bad for a long time.  It's rare he writes anything that could be considered viable public opinion any longer.  He's mailing it in.

The sad thing is the speech itself, and Julian Castro's presentation of it, was not considered to be all that great.  Certainly not as good as speeches by Rubio and (possibly) Ted Cruz.  So the only conclusion is that Texas' Lockstep Political media is fawning over the brother's Castro is due to the fact that they are Hispanic, and Democrats and not due to the fact that they have any special talent (They have talent, for sure but, by all accounts it's nothing remarkable).  If you don't understand why that's a problem you're part of the problem.

As the scientific method gets thrown further down the hill, we're being saddled with some bastardized science-lite that focuses on emotions and trickery more than the actual scientific method.  This should concern the hell out of folks on both sides of the political aisle.  Sadly, it really doesn't.

Is this the election where the false journalism mask of neutrality is stripped away?  CNN is jumping in with the Dems and Fox News jumped in with the Republicans a long time ago.  MSNBC is not even a news source, they're straight (progressive) opinion now so I exempt them from this conversation.

Speaking of Bad Media. I've long been a critic of so-called "fact-check" journalism. It's as useless as the Pulitzer Prize that was awarded to the partisans that run Politifarce.  Now that it's on people's radar we're seeing just how ridiculous it really is.  Time to move "fact-checkers" to the back rooms, checking the veracity of stories" where they belong.

Possibly the worst media: I described the changes to as rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Some witty idiot on Twitter took that literally and replied that the Chron is "not sinking to the bottom of the ocean."  Judging by this Houston Press story: Yes they are.

And finally:

Republicans are wrong:  Democrats didn't "remove" God from their platform. They replaced him with Obama. If you're not the party of Religion then this is probably not a bad thing.

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