Thursday, September 20, 2012

Short Haul Flights (09/20/2012)

The back from vacation (but sick) edition.....

The issue over purging the dead from voter rolls is still very much alive ChronBlog's protestations to the contrary.

If you want to see the Colorado model in a real-world setting then take a peek at this glowing profile of US Senate candidate Paul Sadler (D-Tx) and the InterLeft's use of it.  This report was so glowing of Sadler that his campaign thanked the Trib reporter for running it on Twitter.

I wonder if certain political groups will take umbrage with this incursion of corporate interests into politics?  My early guess is "no".

Maybe Smisek should worry about the performance of his business rather than hosting political galas?

Oh, and United's revenue is falling as well.

Maybe it's just me, but the idea of an out-of-shape Mayor telling a city to "get healthy" screams hypocrisy.

There's a fine line between cheer leading and reporting. Currently, ChronBlog is trampling all over that line in it's rah-rah coverage of Trader Joe's.  Speaking of that, where are their chastisements for TJ's not opening up in a "food desert" like they've done to Krogers and other grocers?  Why is this company getting a pass?

Mixed economic results for Houston I'm surprised ChronBlog didn't lead with "We're better than Dallas!"

Fiona Apple busted for hash possession in Texas? Nah, you mean she's on drugs?

A French publication publishes anti-Mohammad cartoons More riots against Americans to come soon.

And finally ladies and gentlemen.

I give you the 1% 

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