Thursday, November 8, 2012

Short Haul Flights (11/08/2012)

Getting this blog back to it's travel focus....

Romney wins! - Per an e-mail from Spirit airlines pimping their low fares.  Of course, this has angered the sub-set of people in America with zero sense of humor.  Not a fan of Spirit the airline but this was funny.

United breaks the seal on the Dreamliner - Smisek soon to announce that ALL of the companies problems are now solved. (provided you fly on the Dreamliner, some flights of which they've had to change to older planes because Boeing has had to delay delivery, causing people to cancel, and well....nevermind)

Coming Soon: An even BIGGER Dreamliner - Presumably with even bigger production delays.

United October Revenue down - Company blames Sandy.  On-time performance below 70% target as well, airline blames (reason to be determined later)

Boeing looking at revamping 777 - The problem is that, given their production problems of late, airlines might decide to purchase the new Airbus A350-100.

Speaking of Airbus - The company has a cash flow problem right now.  As usual, they're blaming the Germans.

This production delay thing seems to be spreading - Bombardier now having trouble with their new "C" series jet.

More flight cancellations to the NorthEast - As the Nor'Easter blows in.  Hang in there y'all.

Southwest didn't have a good October either - Doesn't seem like many airlines did.  I'm sure they're all hoping the Holiday travel season bails them out.

Delta takes a play from United - Using a city decision with another airline as an excuse to cut some unprofitable routes.  We're now calling this "pulling a Smisek"

And finally.....

Have 250,000 Euros to spend? - If so, then you too can get an EU passport. (If you could sell it at cost on the open market after the purchase that would actually be a fairly cheap passport FWIW.)

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