Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Short Haul Flights (11/27/2012)

Back from Vegas and needing a nap.......

Bush InterContinental had most expensive fares in 2012 analysis shows.Olivia Pulsinelli, Houston Business Journal. -  The common factor in the top 3 airports?  They're all major hubs for United/Continental Holdings.  Still, I'd like to see a comparison of per-mile costs, rather than overall costs just to see how out of whack costs are at UA hubs. (or, if they are at all). *updated: As PubliusTX points out it's also ridiculous to exclude 1st and Business Class percentages.

Houston Airports open "fast lane" for International Customs. Molly Ryan, Houston Business Journal. Only if you're not checking bags that is.  Still nice for those International guests connecting.

Obese flier turned away by airlines dies overseas. A. Pawlowski. NBC News - Tragic story which, of course, is going to end in several courtrooms.

A Remedy for Air Travel woes. Clifford Winston, New York Times. - Except that this runs counter to the current waves of misplaced Nationalism running amok in American politics so it's never going to happen. *Updated: I don't think Dr. Winston is on base here, nor do I believe he's taking practicality into consideration, but man is he angering the travel blogger, travel community.

Airlines get tougher with overweight passengers. Linda Loyd, Philly.com - No they're not, they're getting more consistent with how they address overweight passengers, which is a good thing.

Airbus slams Boeing with Pinnochio nose ad. Ben Mutzabaugh, USA TODAY - The gloves come off.

Trip home smooth for many Thanksgiving travelers. Phuong Le, Huffington Post - The trip home was smooth, but weather disrupted the flights to the destinations for many.

And finally....I'm a little late on this but it's big news for United:

Judge Rules United Not Liable for 9/11 Collapse. Reuters via New York Times.

With the Holiday trip behind me my flying for 2012 is done.

Final tally:


55,596 Miles flown, Upgrade % (United) 25 (7 for 28) with 4 legs on US Airways.  34 legs total.

The Wife:

56,369 Miles Flown, Upgrade % (United) 19.23 (5 for 26) with 4 legs on US Airways. 30 legs total


Santa Barbara
Puerto Rico
Las Vegas (2 times)
Oklahoma City twice (Myself, business flights)
Seattle (The Wife, Mileage Run)

Two times I received a complementary upgrade but my wife did not.  The last time in Vegas was confusing because I was cleared 48 hours in advance but she was not.  After I was cleared several Silver Premiers were cleared but my wife was not.  Why she was so much further down the upgrade list is still a mystery to both of us.  United seems to have no answer either. If I hadn't been cleared it would have made some sense, a Silver buying a full fare ticket and getting placed in front of us for example, but since I was cleared that doesn't seem to be the case.  At some point I'm going to figure out United's new upgrade process I hope, because it would sure make things easier.

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