Thursday, November 15, 2012

United's computers down (again)

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United Arilines has another large computer outage. Samantha Bomkamp, Scott Mayerowitz, AP via

Thousands of United Airlines passengers around the globe are stranded at airports and on planes after another computer outage at the world's largest carrier.
This is at least the third major computer outage for the Chicago-based airline since June.

If this weren't so sad, it'd be comical.  It's also not a strong vote of confidence for the IT-challenged airline leading up to the very busy Holiday travel season.  As if to make matters worse, the PR department muffs the punt:

United Continental Holdings Inc. spokesman Charles Hobart said the airline was aware of a computer issue affecting some of its flights and was working to resolve it.

It sounds as if "most" not "some" of it's domestic flights are currently grounded.

A little snooping on Flyertalk suggests that the problem lies with the UNIMATIC weight and balancing system and that the (former) Continental planes (using SHARES) are working just fine.  So this is a problem isolated to legacy United metal.

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