Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Finding Texas in odd places

Although it's somewhat of a National (and local) parlour game to poke fun at the Lone Star State, there's no doubt that our influence is fairly sizable throughout the world.  Case in point:

The "Alamo" in Dublin, IRE

Tex-Mex in Rome, ITA

A taunt in Anchorage, AK
The wife and I are constantly amazed at the amount of Texas we find in different locales across the globe.  In previous blog posts I've mentioned the Texas Embassy in London, a Texas flag flew over Paris when Lance Armstrong was drugging his way to 7 Tour de France wins (now vacated) and you'd be surprised how many people are genuinely excited to meet someone from the Lone Star State upon introduction.

Of course, the biggest misconception is that all of us still ride horses to work and carry six shooters.  I've only ridden a horse once in my life, but I'm OK letting the local pick-pockets wonder about the six-shooter thing.  Most of the time, the local populace isn't anti-Texan at all, leading me to believe that this is a unique trait of the ruling class and media types, constantly trying to drum up controversy.

Of all the Texas symbolism that I've seen in my (admittedly limited) travels the most prominent is the Texas Steakhouse.  Almost every city has a place advertising itself as such, yet I've never been compelled to photograph one.  Odd. 

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  1. Even though they remain alive through their website, the Texas Embassy Cantina apparently shuttered a while back. We checked this out over the weekend just to be sure, and it's gone. The concept was better than the execution there, but it was still kind of a fun novelty.

    On the Greek island of Amorgos this last time, the proprietor, upon hearing we were from Texas, proceeded to do his imitation of a Texan drawing and shooting his guns (both hands!). This rather reinforces your point. :)


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