Thursday, December 27, 2012

Looking Ahead: 2013

I am almost 100% certain that this will be my last blog post of 2012. Looking at the schedule, my work load and my planned time in the real world, I'm not thinking there will be any more substantive output from me until at least the beginning of 2013 possibly later.

In blog vernacular this is called a "hiatus".  It's a fancy word for "too damn lazy to update the blog" but it adds some class to the joint and is easier to type so we'll call it a "hiatus" from this point out. Given my past proclivities regarding shuttering my blogs I can almost guarantee that this is not what's going to happen in 2013.  I think I finally settled on something w/the personal blog and plan to keep this format for quite some time.  Plus, I really like the bullring backdrop.

What is going to change in 2013 is the "how" and "when" regarding updates.  Currently I struggle with the concept of "update every day" as you might have noticed.  I'm not one for senseless blockquoting and I find link-posts to be of increasingly little value since I've become a heavy user of PinBoard.  Strangely, my social media habits are changing as well.  While I'm not happy with some of their privacy issues I'm finding myself spending more and more time keeping up with actual friends on Facebook, and less and less time watching the ADD social-awkwardness on Twitter.

Most of all, however, 2012 was about disengaging from the electronic world and reconnecting with friends, loved ones and real life.  I expect this trend to continue apace in 2013, if not increase.  As a matter of fact, I'm sure it will increase greatly.  I have a lot of friends with which I've reconnected and many more friends that I haven't seen in quite a while.  There were some personal revelations in 2012 that have served to kick me off the Internet as well.

That being said I still enjoy blogging, as a place to snark about things I find funny and as a vehicle to keep my writing chops sharp.  To that end this blog will continue to be updated on a semi-regular basis for the foreseeable future.

What I do plan on changing is the posting schedule, in fact, I mean to try and create one and keep to it.  What this means, for you, is not having the need to check here everyday (and by 'you' I mean my three (or so) regular readers) knowing with some certainty that blog posts will only appear at a certain day and time.  Right now I'm fiddling with Monday, Thursday & Sunday as my "update" days with posts probably scheduled to 'go live' somewhere around 9AM.

I'm also declaring war against blockquoting, link posts, anything that's not long form, filler posts, advertisement posts and credit card referral links.

There might be a name change, there might not be, although "No Upgrades" isn't really accurate any longer since I've started to get them fairly regularly. I will also work hard to avoid listicles and other such space-fillers. One thing I am hoping to add is increased pictures and even some video.  I might also play with some aughts technology and consider a monthly podcast, or something along those lines.  Something I can do live with real people, in the real world.

Hopefully, for you the reader, this means more tightly focused (although more infrequent) writing of some actual worth as opposed to wandering, rambling, stream-of-consciousness posts such as this.  In other words, stuff that's easy to read, tightly edited, and focused on one point.  In (still) other words: good writing, which I haven't been producing of late.

Until then, the hiatus begins. (see how classy that sounds?)

Have a Happy New Year and may all of your resolutions last through June.

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