Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Short Haul Flights (12/04/2012)

No more travel for 2012......

Holiday Air Travel 4% More Expensive than in 2011 - Fuel prices were moderately higher, and given inflation this is not a terrible number.

Hawaiian Airlines to add Taiwan Flights - From a small regional carrier to a large regional carrier.  Still want to fly on one of their 717's.

More from the deranged passenger files. - Given the state of things I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often.

United improves on-time performance and is paying its employees $100 bonuses - This is a good thing which, of course, means that the chron.commenters are freaking out and praying that United falls into bankruptcy.

Speaking of United, still no word on their 2013 Mileage Plus plan. It's very late in the year and time to start making travel plans for 2013.  Not having a roadmap to follow by the beginning of December is difficult.  At this point I have to think that there will be minimal, cosmetic changes to the program due to the lateness of any news.  Either that or they're really going to sock it to Premiers and just don't want to say anything for fear of customer flight.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of reading Trip reports where all you see are shots of airport lounges, hotels rooms, and plane interiors (with catering). It's not quite as tiresome as the please, please, please click my referral links nonsense, but it's a close second.

2013 Travel: Despite not having details about the 2013 MileagePlus program I've already booked some of our flights to start the new year.  On the menu is a trip to Singapore a return trip to Las Vegas and a first time trip to Atlantic City via a flight into Philadelphia and then around an hour and a half train ride in.  Outside of that I'm torn.  We'd like to visit Hong Kong with a possible day trip to Macao.  The problem there is that airfares right now are price prohibitive.  As an alternate I'm considering Lisbon and possibly Amsterdam with one additional quick side trip to Denver on Dreamliner metal.  Right now, given the current price environment, I'm just not sure.

What are your travel plans?

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