Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lance takes of the training wheels and it will get worse

Sometimes perusing is a task, especially since they dropped the pay wall and created to handle local news, columns and wire reports.  However, occasionally, after surfing through multiple stories involving female celebrities in various stages of undress (sexist?) you stumble across something you might want to read.

Last week, buried in the lower left corner, The story of Lance Armstrong's tell all interview with Oprah was one of those which peaked my interest.  In part I was interested because, at one time I was a defender of his.  That defense was made in a simpler time however, before the Floyd Landis admission (whom I defended as well) and before I got involved with the bodybuilding industry (No, I didn't compete, I write) where I became educated about PED's and masking agents and the entire industry behind them.

I decided to hold off in writing this until sometime after the interview aired for a couple of reasons: 1. I'm not going to watch the interview because I doubt he'll say anything that will surprise. 2. I wanted some soak time.

After thinking about it for a while I've decided this:  It's going to get a lot worse for Lance before it gets better, and no one is really going to care.

That's the extent of my thinking on this, and after thinking about it I don't care enough to expound any further.  We've learned that Lance isn't a Texas "hero" he's a drug cheat.  From interviews with him and other stories on his personal actions we can also form a pretty good opinion around his being a jerk as well.  From kicking teammates off of his team for not using drugs to aggressively attacking those who were, according to him now, telling the truth all along.

Goodbye Lance.

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