Saturday, January 12, 2013

We'll fight for you in the legislature providing we can stay in our seats.

Last Monday I wrote about how our elected officials were no longer the adults in the room.  Near the end of that post there was a small history lesson about incivility and how we're much better off in modern times then we were in days past.

Today I'd like to add a couple more bullet points to reinforce that theory.

Clearing Texas Rape-Kit backlog brings hefty price tag. Brandi Grissom, Texas Tribune

In 2011, Texas lawmakers approved a bill by state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, that required law enforcement agencies to audit the number of untested rape kits in their evidence rooms and report that information to the DPS.


 in May, Davis sent a memo reminding police agencies that they were required to obey the law.

New Women's Health Program launches amid provider concerns. Ben Philpott, Texas Tribune

(State Rep) Howard was worried when she wrote a letter to the Health and Human Services Commission, or HHSC, asking for information about new providers.

Both Sen. Wendy Davis and Rep. Donna Howard are of that new breed of Texas Progressive that promises voters they will go to Austin and fight for them tooth and nail.  That is, provided they can do so while sitting behind their computer screen. (I'm sure they both have staffers who can get up and mail the letters and send the memos for them after all.)

Thankfully, no pistols or canes are involved in their actual "fighting".

All in all I'd say this is a big step UP in civility from where we used to be.  Fight on ladies, fight on.

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