Friday, February 15, 2013

A pair of boobs.

One literal as continues to publish skimpily clad Houston women in their continuing onward rush toward irrelevancy. (On another note, if every Houston "big" event requires the objectification of women then I feel better about passing on these things.  And I'm one who's been said to posses "thinly veiled misogyny" by some on the left because they ran an unqualified female candidate for Statewide office to boot so make of that what you will.)

One figurative as Paul Burka continues to take a look at Texas politics and come up with the wrong sets of questions and answers.  It's not that Julian Castro can't beat Dewhurst in a race (although I think it's highly unlikely that he would) it's that Burka is missing the obvious here.

It's not whether or not the "D's" have a shot at Dewhurst it's whether or not any "R's" do.

I'm constantly amazed that Texas' Lockstep Political Media doesn't understand that.  Instead we're given a breathless recap telling us what we already know, Julian Castro is the state's most popular Democrat who one day could possibly make a strong run for state-wide office.

Where have we read that book before?

A more likely scenario, for the next election cycle, is that Dewhurst will spend a lot of resources fighting off a pretty strong slate of primary challengers who will all run sharply to the right.  Who these people are is not being discussed much in the media partly because, in my opinion, TLPM doesn't have any clue themselves who those candidates are likely to be.  It's very easy to sit at your desk, look at a poll and write out a column.  It's much harder to go out and do some field research (especially with the 'other side') to try and determine what is really going on within the state's dominant party.  Doing grunt work such as that is not in Burka's DNA.  It's just not.

Maybe it's time for Texas Monthly to start focusing more on the side-boob?  They already have one boob in full view of the public it seems.

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