Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bad Newspaper sends mixed signals. Is anyone really surprised?

I'm starting to wonder if Chronblog has any self-awareness at all.  If they do, then the juxtaposition of material they churn out on a daily basis must pain some of the staff. So how miserable must life be for some of the Chron's womynist warriors whose duty, they feel, is to remind us constantly of the ever repressive conservative reproductive organ?

Whether it's being told that Anne Hathaway hating is waaaay worse than Bradley Cooper hating (which reveals that the author has no memory of the Ben Affleck hating that's gone on [by myself even] through the years), or being told by the same author of the terrible week recently experienced by women. (some of which was self-inflicted FWIW, by the CEO of Yahoo!) or being subjected to one author's shock! that the recently enacted state laws on abortion are working as designed or even articles about Cardinals behaving badly, the editorial drumbeat of the woman-hating conservative/religious male is constant and at full volume.

Of course, they do run into the problem of this:
THAT's treating women with respect
What you see above is a snapshot of an image on the front page of that accompanied their coverage that Mexico was a bad place to Spring Break.  Given that Ms. O'Connor and Ms. Ortega are driving forces behind the Lifestyle coverage at ChronBlog you can pardon me for not thinking that their missives are anything more than alligator tears.

This is a shop that glorifies "pimp & ho" balls during major sporting events in Houston, regularly presents photos of scantily-clad, stick-thin, women in the name of fashion, and which has done more to debase the image of young women and promote the unhealthy ideal of the stick-thin model than almost any other media outlet in Houston. (I'm looking at you, CultureMap) And while Ms. O'Connor claims to be on the side of the working mom, let us not forget that former Chron food-writer Dai Huynh was given her walking papers the day before she was scheduled to come back from maternity leave under Ms. O'Connor's watch.  Her replacement?  One of Kyrie's North Eastern brethren Greg Morago.

Look, I'm not 'taking a stand' here against whatever view on abortion you may have. Nor am I trying to say that we should all live in a hermetically sealed bubble under the Puritan view of sexual abstinence.  People go to parties and then have sex, they have been since humankind first figured out this was a fun way to pass an evening.  But, if you're going to choose to stand on the moral high-horse about it all then it might be a good idea to ensure that you're not one of the leading outlets for the objectification of women in the chase for page hits don't ya think?

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