Monday, March 11, 2013

Why lose an additional hour griping about a lost hour?

Today was the 2nd day, and first real morning, where Daylight Savings Time (DST) unleashed an angry wave of  missives from bloggers, twitterers and other social media types all riffing off some variation of "Gawd I feel like crap!" of "Give me back my hour!"

Now, granted, on Saturday night when the drinks are flowing I can understand being slightly tiffed that you're actually leaving and 3am and not 2am as you might have thought.  If you've really tied one on this could be very disconcerting.  I also understand the grogginess on Sunday morning and the anger when you first figured out that you've missed the early line at the Breakfast Klub and that brunch, for the most part, is down to leftovers and bottom-of-the-pitcher Mimosas.  Of course, for those of you who have a Sunday morning worship service proclivity it's just a little bit harder to pry your kids out of bed, get them cleaned, fed, and dressed in their little outfits in time to allow you to arrive and grab a pew in the back which will not bring too much attention your way when you nod off.  I'm with you on this. 

On Sunday I, in a massive oversight, forgot to set my bedside alarm ahead one hour and woke up to find out I wasn't waking up at 9:30am as I thought, but at 10:30am which means that I missed Morning Call on HRTV.  After that my whole day was off.

By nighttime however I was in my groove and, after a day spent watching basketball and horse racing, I settled into the Amazing Race, The Worst Cooks in America and then (belatedly) The 2nd episode of The Bible on History Channel.

The thing is, they say it takes one day, when jet-lagged, to overcome a jump of one time zone.  Based on this logic we should have all been up to snuff by this morning and anything bad you're felling is probably just a case of the Mondays. This Daily Caller article on why DST is a big joke anyway paints a pretty good analogy of DST being similar to "flying from Texas to New York".

But it was, in Houston, nicer driving in this morning.  For one, it's Spring break for most schools so traffic was slightly lighter and two, the sun wasn't right in your eyes as you drove East. (as, judging by congestion, most Houstonians do every morning)  A secondary plus was a beautiful sunrise that was just starting to creep over the horizon as you (probably) got to the office.

If you saw that sunrise and are still angry about losing that hour, then there could be no help for you.

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