Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yellow! Spring. Glad you could make it.

Today was the first day I noticed that my formerly red car was now covered in a powdery yellow sheen.  It also means that folks with hay fever are missing work at increasing rates and Houston is in for a slight drop in productivity at the workplace. To my surprise, there are some that sell this pollen for food.

The good news is the weather is beautiful (despite wanna-be weatherman Eric Berger telling us that we're just one stop away from a stay in Climate Changes EZ-bake) although a little dry so some rain would be welcome.  But given the proclivity of Houston drivers to go into panic-mode at the slightest sign of moisture I'm hoping the rain comes overnight, or on a day when most don't have to drive into work.

With all that said It's sure to be a beautiful week (and possibly week-end) in Houston so the blog is going to go on a little hiatus while I spend most of my free time outside doing yard work and grilling various pieces of animal for dinner.

Not a long break mind you, just enough to let me figure out my Houston Political Dictionary entries for E, F,G & H.

Oh, and to drink the Mourvedre Rose that just arrived from the fine folks at William Chris Vineyards

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