Wednesday, May 1, 2013

As we stumble toward the 2014 Texas political season

Something to remember come election time in 2014.

Potential Lt. Governor candidate (and Current State Comptroller) Susan Combs released $29.3 Million dollars of taxpayer money to the father of this lady:

Tamara Ecclestone bares all for Playboy. Celebrity Buzz, Chronblog

The billionaire daughter of Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has bared all for Playboy.
Tamara Ecclestone, dubbed The Diamond Heiress by editors of the men’s magazine, graces the cover of the May issue, lying naked with her intimate areas covered by sparkling gems.

Remember that, and that she has difficulties with the basic function of her current job, oversaw the department when a huge data breach came about and imposed the Amazon Tax on Texas taxpayers the next time she runs her fiscal conservatism up the electoral flag pole.

What's really sad is, due to the dearth of serious candidates Texas Democrats are putting on the slate, should she win the (R) primary there's a good chance she beats whatever fodder Battleground Texas selects as her opposition.

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