Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sometimes you don't know what you think you know

Case in point: Chron.commenter "Sterling Minor" on David Barron's AT&T vs. CSN Houston story today

I think you are an unusual sports watcher. This town is brimming with people who have an interest in SEC and UT sports. Next year, I predict many more people will want to see the Rockets than answered they did this year, but that is an educated guess only. Dynamo? You betcha for me, but the large racist and anti-immigrant crowd in the viewership area could be expected by a betting man to boycott a station showing soccer.

Emphasis added by me.

"Knowing" that everyone who won't watch the Dynamo are racist and anti-immigrant is a piece of common-knowledge information held by a certain set that, when examined, falls flat. Americans don't like soccer because it's perceived to be too slow and there's not enough scoring.  Last I checked, a lack of goals isn't racist, it's boring to some.  It, the perceived slow pace, is the same reason many don't watch baseball any more, or why tennis has fallen so far back in the ratings.  Of the major "slow" sports, only golf has, mysteriously, held on.

Many, not all, of the soccer enthusiasts that I know simply don't watch MLS because it represents soccer in the minor leagues.  I far more enjoy watching matches from Barclay's Premier League or La Liga or Serie A than anything MLS has to offer.

When most people watch pro sports they like to see the game being played at the highest level.  That's why the WNBA hasn't taken off.  Rather than sexism (along with racism the other -ism thrown around when people don't like your sport of choice) it's the fact that the Yates boys basketball team would best their best team by 40.

I don't watch the Dynamo because MLS' brand of soccer bores me.  It's slow, basic and not really all that entertaining of a brand.  Yes, some people say you should watch because it's the key to the future of International soccer in the US.  To that I say, go Scotland.

As a final note: ESPN shows soccer, you don't see a large contingent of "racist and anti-immigrant" Houstonians boycotting that channel do you?  Point, set, match.

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