Thursday, April 17, 2014

The NBA Playoffs

As promised, here are my playoff picks for the Association:

Round 1:

Western Conference:

San Antonio (1) vs. Dallas (8) - I haven't seen anyone credible picking a Dallas upset. San Antonio in 5.

Houston(4) vs. Portland(5) - I really enjoy watching this Rockets team. Given that injuries are an unknown I'm taking them in 6. 

Los Angeles Clippers(3) vs. Golden State(6) - Ironically, I think the Clippers would have gone deeper in the playoffs had they fallen to four.  Clippers in 5.

Oklahoma City(2) vs. Memphis(7) - OKC is one of my favorite teams to watch right now. Thunder in 4.

Eastern Conference:

Indiana(1) vs. Atlanta(8) - One of the weakest #1 seeds in recent memory.  If only Atlanta were stronger I'd pull the trigger on the upset. Pacers in 7.

Chicago(4) vs. Washington(5) - To see just how BAD the Eastern Conference is this year compare this matchup with the same seeds in the Western.  No matter who wins, we all lose. Chicago in 6.

Toronto(3) vs. Brooklyn(6) - Not a believer in Jason Kidd. Give me the Raptors in 5.

Miami(2) vs. Charlotte(7) - At some point the Heat are going to turn it on right?  Miami in 4.

Round 2:

Western Conference:

San Antonio(1) vs. Houston(4) - This is a match-up call. I like the Rockets in 6.

Los Angeles Clippers(3) vs. Oklahoma City(2) - Had the Clippers played San Antonio in the 2nd round, I'd pick the upset.  Against OKC?  Thunder in 7.

Eastern Conference:

Indiana(1) vs. Chicago(4) - Indiana is a mess, Chicago is not that good. I'll take not that good over a mess in 6.

Miami(2) vs. Toronto(3) - Every fiber of my being wants to take Toronto here except one, my brain and memory.  Miami in 7.

Conference Finals:

Western Conference:

Oklahoma City(2) vs. Rockets(4) - Here's where the Rocket runs out of fuel. Horrible match-up and OKC is just a better team. Thunder in 6.

Western Conference:

Miami(2) vs. Chicago(4) - Easy. Heat in 5.

NBA Finals:

Oklahoma City vs. Miami - Yes, we've seen this before and yes, people are going to be saying it's the Heat again.  I'm not so sure.  This OKC team is better than the team in 2012 and they seem to have answered the loss of Hardin.  Give me Oklahoma City in 7 games.

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