Wednesday, May 28, 2014

No news is OTA news

OTA's are where local sportswriters like to think they flex their muscle. They are given access to practice and they feel the need to over-report and over-analyze pretty much everything.

Case in point.

Bill O'Brien is making the Texans practice fast, or something. Brian T. Smith.


Arian Foster looks healthy, running in straight lines, against air. Brian T. Smith,

The simple fact is, OTA news is no news at all. Sure, it fills column inches and it lets middling columnists opine but the actual "news" that comes out of these ventures, barring severe injury, is typically pretty worthless.

What we know from the Texans OTA is the following:  Andre Johnson is not there, Bill O'Brien is different in style than Gary Kubiak, Foster can run.

Outside of the Foster news we pretty much knew all of the above, and I would argue that we won't know much about Foster until he takes live fire. Until then you might as well view slide shows of lazy beat writers "re-grading" past drafts that they got horrendously wrong on their initial tries.

Ironically, this reinforces the fact that draft grading is an exercise in futility as well.

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