Tuesday, September 2, 2014

College Football: 10 Games (Rough Start)


There's no sugar-coating it, I took a whuppin' over the first weekend of College Football. Teams I thought would come out strong didn't and teams I thought would struggle didn't either.  All in all that makes for a pretty rough first week out of the box.

The gory details:

Week One Straight-Up: 7-3

Week One Against the Spread: 2-8.

Where I went Wrong:  The worst mistake that I made over the first weekend was that I forgot to apply my own cardinal rule and assume that teams making big changes on the lines might struggle more than teams that aren't. I also assumed that some teams would reload while some would struggle.

Of all my picks my biggest error was aTm-South Carolina. I was surprised at how little talent SC has at key positions such as wide receiver and quarterback. I also wasn't sure if aTm's defense would hold up.  It did, aTm rolled, and I'm sitting here with egg on my face.

I also made the mistake of assuming UH football was any good at all.  What a disaster by the Cougars.  Tony Levine should be fired, but he won't be, and that program is going to continue its downward spiral.

The best news is that this is only week one and there are plenty of weeks remaining for me to get it back.  As with any enterprise, sports betting* is a long-term proposition and the idea is to come out ahead over time.  I'm sure there are 100's of handicappers chest-beating about going eleventy-zillion and 0 last weekend but let's see how good they are over the entire season.

On to week two and, hopefully, a return to respectability.

*Reminder: In most cases, I am not actually placing these "bets". They're just picks to see if I can finish the season over 50%, which would theoretically make it a profitable season. These posts are for entertainment purposes only and should be taken with a very large grain of salt.

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