Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thoughts: College Football Playoffs, NFL Player Discipline and Kentucky's Men's Basketball Team.

Last night on Twitter I posted this question:

Less Credibility Right Now: NFL player disciplinary process or College Football Playoff Committee? Discuss

I'm going to be honest. It's pretty close.

When you're having to perform advanced logic-gymnastic routines to explain your top four something is wrong.

I've been against how the CFP Committee has been ranking the teams for a while now. It's just gotten worse this week.  The CFP definitely has an SEC bias, despite there being rising evidence that the conference is down this year.

This is a mess.

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Florida State
4. Mississippi State
5. TCU
6. Ohio State
7. Baylor
8. Ole Miss
10. Georgia

1. I get that Alabama has all of the myth and mystery behind them, but they lost to Ole Miss.
2. I'm a fan of Oregon as well, but they lost.
3. The undefeated, defending B(C)S champions are ranked 3rd?
4. Not only did the Bulldogs look inept against 'Bama, but the game wasn't close.

The most disturbing thing is that we're obviously dealing with an entirely subjective process here. There is no objectivity.

For all of it's flaws at least the B(C)S tried to inject some level of data into their numbers.  And the Group of 5 treatment is shameful. 

My rankings:

1. Florida State
2. Oregon
3. Alabama
4. Baylor
5. Ohio State
6. Mississippi State
7. TCU
9. Ole Miss
10. Wisconsin

Also, I would have Marshall ranked somewhere around 20-25. At some point, winning has to matter folks.

Either Roger Goodell must go, or the entire punishment system needs to be re-thought.

This is a mess, and it's a mess created by a man with an out-sized ego and no self-awareness or understanding of how all of this is making him look.

Viewing himself as the White Knight of the NFL has not gone smoothly for Goodell as he's been reminded that, ultimately, it's the owners who pay his salary. Even more troubling is that he seems untethered from any concept of fairness, and has now decided to level punishment based on potential future actions (as he sees them) rather than on the actual crime committed. (In Peterson's case, a plea-bargained misdemeanor.)

There is no semblance of due-process or respect for the collective bargaining agreement, not even a modicum of fairness in the Goodell courtroom and a league that's spinning out of control right now. What we have now is a dual system of punishment that's largely based on two things.

1. Whether or not pictures or video exist.
2. Just how outraged the media, activist groups have decided to be.

That's not justice, it's a freak-show.

Forget losing, will anyone get within double digits of this Kentucky team?

Last night's dominance against the 5th ranked Jayhawks was very, very impressive.  Sure there are injuries and many things that can derail a teams (projected) dream season, but if this team stays healthy they are going to be a handful for anyone in the country.

Kansas tried to hard, in my opinion, to continually drive the ball in the land and get UK into foul trouble. All they got for their troubles were a lot of blocks and fast breaks the other way.  The team that eventually challenges UK (and there will be 1 or 2, I'm sure) will be the team that shoots lights out from behind the arch.

Until then (to quote Uncle Verne) My Goodness!

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