Monday, December 1, 2014

College Football: For Your Consideration.

It will never happen but.....

1. Oregon
2. Florida State
3. Alabama
4. TCU

5. Ohio State
6. Baylor.

I realize that ranking Alabama behind both Oregon AND Florida State is considered football blasphemy but....

1. Right now the Oregon loss to Arizona is looking way more impressive than the Alabama loss to Ole Miss.
2. Also, lest we forget, no matter how much we all want to root against them, Florida State is STILL undefeated.  That means something.
3. Yes, I know, Baylor beat TCU (barely) at home and they are holding that up as proof of case that they are the better team.  But, on a neutral field I think TCU holds on and wins. Head to head does matter, but it's not the be all, end all considering all of the factors involved.
4. If Ohio State, with a 3rd string QB, beats Wisconsin in the B1G Championship game they vault into the 4 spot for me.

Final thought on this issue:  The CFP Committee is going to screw this up.  Just watch.

Unrelated:  HOW has Michigan not terminated Brady Hoke & Co as of yet?

Unrelated II: The last time Nebraska released a coach coming off a 9 win season (Frank Solich) it ushered them into the Bill Callahan era.  Be careful what you wish for Corn Huskers.

Unrelated III: Just because you played football at the collegiate and professional level does not make you an expert on A. Fooball and B. What the fan base at a school you never attended is thinking.

Unrelated IV: Turn your radio off whatever local sports talk show you have in your town, on social media, unfollow and mute almost every local talker, analyst, etc.  Your College and professional football knowledge will increase almost immediate.

Unrelated V:  We're reminded that Not all coaching jobs are created equal.  Funny that Iowa is the place to remind us.

Championship game lines are out.  Or, at least, Championship game "week" lines are out since the Big XII is continuing the "one true champion" farce.  Early thoughts:  Oregon is way too high a favorite against Arizona if Solomon is healthy.  I'm thinking that La Tech on the money line (+13.5) might be the best beet of the day.  If SMU is going to win a game this season UConn is a good bet.  Florida State (-3) at Ga Tech feels low. Could be some value on the favorites if the lines stay the same.

Other than that?  Too early to tell.  Will be interesting to see the line for Baylor/K-State once we get a final status on Petty and the boards re-post.

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