Saturday, August 1, 2015

College Football Playoffs: Finishing the Top-tier on a Saturday

Part One: The Big Ten (All fourteen teams)

Part Two: The Big Twelve (All Ten teams)

Part Three: SEC (Paul Finebaum's opinion excluded)

Part Four: The Pac12 (Finally, a conference that can count)

Part Five: The College Football Playoffs

Now that I've spent way too much time looking at the conferences, let's take a little time to make projections for the College Football Playoffs....

Here's how I see the top 4:

1. Ohio State 12-0
2. Georgia 11-1
3. USC 12-0
4. TCU 12-0

On the outside looking in will be the ACC in the person of Virginia Tech.

In the first round I have Ohio State beating TCU, and USC beating Georgia.  This should set-up a match-up of football blue-bloods when Ohio State beats USC giving Urban Meyer a 2nd straight CFP championship and continues the blood-boiling of Florida fans.

Next-up, the 2nd Division Conferences who have no chance of playing in the Playoffs, but continue to hope beyond hope that they get included in the dance regardless.

I'll start this look on Monday, hopefully finishing up by Friday.

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