Saturday, September 19, 2015

College Football: Off to my usual start.

As is becoming the norm, I'm struggling to start the season.  This is why I never schedule a trip to Las Vegas in September. For some reason who I think will win and how they'll do it is skewed at the beginning. It's typically not until week 4 or 5 that I get my bearings and start pulling things together.

In short, if you're listening to me (and you shouldn't be financially anyway) then wait a bit.

While I'm writing this one of the games is still in play but it's pretty clear that I'm going 1-4 now ATS which is going to put me at 4-11 for the season in my Five. SU I'm only marginally better, going 4-1 which puts me on the reverse position of 11-4.  I can still predict who will win, I'm just not doing a very good job saying how they're going to do it.

One MAJOR change from next week, I'm taking the "theme" out of my Five going forward. I'm not going to include a ML upset just because and I'm not, as I did this week, picking all road favorites to cover, or something silly like that.  I'm simply going to post Five games that I like and predict how they will finish.

The good news is I only need 2 or 3 good weeks to be right back on form. It's a long season after all.

One a side note, the closer we get to game time the better off that Cal vs. UT-Austin is starting to look.  It's currently at Cal (-5)  were I in Vegas I think I'd take that.

Call it a "get back" bet.  :)

Enjoy the night games.

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