Sunday, October 4, 2015

College Football: Week 6 - We know nothing.

Not a horrible week (not 0-5 again for example) but after going 2-3 ATS and 3-2 SU I'm having the same difficulties as most this year. For the season I'm 10-15 (40%) ATS and 18-7 (72%)  SU.

For some reason I keep trying to hit long-balls with ML upsets, which does not bode well for the overall record.  I will say that I've had about enough of learning lessons and am ready for a run of good weeks.  Right now I've had two winning weeks, and 4 losing weeks this season. That's not a sustainable pace but it's not horrendous.  Given what I've seen from the touts online, I could actually be a lot worse because a lot of them are having to make up stats to claim winning records.  Mine our out there, published, for the world to see. Good, mostly bad this year and occasionally ugly.

Now, onto the bigger picture.

After watching four of the top eight teams in the ridiculously early top 25 listings fall, and the number 1 (Ohio State) and 2 (Sparty) teams only win by 7 and 3 points respectively, I saw one pundit on Twitter admit that we know nothing.  This is true. It also helps explain why rankings prior to November are really just an exercise in guess work.

The biggest question, currently, is who do you put at #1. The sexy pick, this week, is Clemson. They beat an injury depleted Notre Dame team (barely) and their resume is fairly solid. My problem with the Tigers is their history and their coach. Dabo Swinney is more of a cheerleader than an actual HC. I can't see them going undefeated the rest of the way. The second choice is Utah, who have beaten Oregon and Michigan in impressive fashion. While they certainly merit top 4 mention I think we need to see them play a few more weeks to determine just how good they really are.

Even though this is controversial, I still default to Ohio State. The primary reason is that they are the defending champs, and still have not been beaten. In order to be the champ you have to beat the champ and I have a severe problem pulling them out of the top spot as long as they keep winning. People forget, it's not only hard to win on the road but it's doubly hard when you have a giant target on your back and are taking team's best shots each and every week.

Top 4

1. Ohio State
2. TCU
3. Baylor

Next 2: Clemson, LSU

The travails of UT-Austin:

The Longhorns are in trouble. Ignoring how horrible they looked in losing 50-7 to TCU, in Austin, they now have players Tweeting during halftime about transferring to aTm.  I stated, on Twitter, after the game that there were losses, and embarrassments. The Longhorns got embarrassed on Saturday and Coach Charlie Strong seems to be running out of time to turn this mess around. If things don't improve by the OU game, Strong could be gone as early as after that.

Looking forward to next week. The week 7 Five will be out soon.

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