Wednesday, October 14, 2015

College Football: The Week 7 Five

Real life is intruding this week so just a quick recap of the season's progress and the picks.

ATS:  Last Week: 3-2   Season: 13-17 (43.3334%)
SU:     Last Week: 3-2   Season: 21-7 (70%)

This week's Five:

1. Oregon @ Washington (-2.5) - I get the love for Washington, and the dislike for Oregon but I think the Ducks still have a talent edge.  Oregon to win on the ML.

2. Notre Dame (-7) @ USC - Normally I would not feel comfortable laying against a TD.  With the Sark implosion though I do. The Trojans are team turmoil right now. Notre Dame to cover.

3. Nebraska @ Minnesota (-2.5) - The Golden Gophers only two losses are to a good Northwestern team and very good TCU team.  Nebraska continues to find new and creative ways to shoot itself in the foot.  Minnesota to cover.

4. Alabama (-4) @ Texas aTm - I like the Aggies at home this year and I think they keep it close. Texas aTm to cover. (If you're brave, play the moneyline.)

5. Iowa(-2) @ Northwestern - Iowa has lived a charmed life so far this year. I think it comes against the Wildcats.  Northwestern on the money line.

A few other games.....

Oklahoma (-4.5) @ K-State - I almost put this one in my Five but, I'm struggling trying to figure out just how angry the teams are going to be.  I want to say K-State to cover however.

Vanderbilt @ South Carolina (-2.5) - With all the mess surrounding the GameCocks this week I wouldn't be surprised to see Vandy pull the ML upset in this game.

And finally.....

Michigan State @ Michigan (-8.5) - Another line that scares the heck out of me.  That said, I think Michigan is the better team.  I just don't think they're over a Touchdown better.  I'm going to say State to cover, but Michigan to win. (finally over Sparty.)

Good luck this weekend.

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