Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Public Money: Same Blog, New Name

Just some random housekeeping here as I never was a big fan of "Sharp Like a Marble" (the real phrase is "sharp as a marble" but there was already a blog with that name) so I've changed it to.....

"The Public Money"

If you have any experience in betting, at all, you know that the public money is often the side that you want to be opposite of.  It's the money that provides the financing for all of the beautiful (and not-so-beautiful) casinos around the world.

The public bets with its heart, not with its mind. It believes in luck and "hot" tables and doesn't understand that each roll of the dice is an independent event. The public believes they are "due" and that whomever the favorite is would be "the team Vegas thinks will win".  Of course none of this is true.

The house believes in mathematics. As do the true "sharps" (not the touts, although they believe in another set of math which we'll explore later), as do I, and as should you.

No other big changes, except that I've added a 3-card poker hand up top that I've actually won with before.  Because, you know......luck.

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