Saturday, January 9, 2016

Houston Texans: Playoff blowout exposes some big lies.

If you watched any of the Chief's 30-0 walloping of the Houston Texans today you probably realized the team over on Kirby street had no business making it to the NFL Playoffs.  You'd be forgiven for thinking that the following comments, made at various times by players, coaches, management and ownership, are lies:

1. 'If you get into the playoffs you have a chance' Clearly, the Texans didn't have a chance today. From the opening kickoff (a 106 yard TD return by Knile Davis) to the 4 INT's and a fumble given up by quarterback Brian Hoyer, it's painfully clear that the Texans are not a playoff caliber team.

2. 'You can win without a top-flight QB' Yes, but who ever you have needs to be above average at least. Hoyer is bottom third.

3. 'This Texans team has a lot of talent on the roster' Not true. They have some talent, at certain positions, but this is not a talent laden roster. There are holes everywhere, the injury to JJ Watt exposed those holes in the defense.

4. 'We're not happy just making the playoffs' Can we all agree that McNair doesn't care about winning a Super Bowl as long as he's turning a nifty profit? This is a company that doesn't have any pressure from the top to be excellent.

5. 'Whitney Mercilus emerged as a star this year' No, he didn't. He's going to end the season with 15 sacks yes but, if you go back and look at them they came either a.)against bad teams or b.) at meaningless times. Mercilus is in a contract year, and he's going to make a lot of money. The Texans shouldn't be the team that pays him that money.

6. 'Bill O'Brien has done a great job this year turning the Texans around.' First, O'Brien is NOT a good game day coach. He's constantly out-schemed and plain out-coached by opponents. Second, the team had the exact same record as last year. The ONLY reason this team made the playoffs is because the AFC South is Biblically awful this year.

7, 'Rick Smith is a competent NFL General Manager'  - Nope. I think we see just how bad he is by the make-up of this roster.

The problem is that the Texans fish is rotting from the top and Bob McNair is not going to fire himself obviously.  So don't be surprised during the upcoming draft when the Texans draft another QB who is slow of foot, makes questionable decisions and has below average accuracy and arm strength in Christian Hackenberg.

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