Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Shield: A correction and an update on Black Monday

1. It appears that all reports out of Indianapolis were wrong.  Rather than being let go, as was widely expected, the Colts extended Chuck Pagano's contract.  Oddly, they also announced that they will be retaining Ryan Grigson as General Manager.  It's widely speculated that the two don't get along, and that it was Grigson who pulled the trigger on the Trent Richardson fiasco over Pagano's objections.  If any of this is true, then the other teams in the AFC South should be reacting as follows.

2. Tom Coughlin out as Coach of NY Giants. I was mildly surprised by this, but not entirely. it was pretty clear that he was losing the team.

Up next are playoff matchups that start on Saturday, which means that breakdowns of the games are coming soon.

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